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Travel Style

I’m taking a quick little trip to San Diego this weekend for a bachelorette party that I’m really, REALLY excited about, not only to reunite with friends I haven’t seen in so long, but also because I haven’t been to San Diego in a few years!  I once thought I’d eventually move there, which I guess is not out of the realm of possibility, but point is I love that city and it’s about time I took a visit.

Whenever I’m about to travel, I get the urge to shop for completely new stuff just for the trip (you get like that too, right?), which never actually happens, but we can have fun thinking about it.  Some cute things I’ve been eyeing and a couple I’ll actually be taking with me:

Travel Style
1. Hats are a tricky thing for me and this is the first one I’ve really liked for my large head (where my large head girls at?)
2. Bikini top in a favorite print. I’m very much into more modest swimwear.
3. These sunglasses look like I’d love them forever.
4. I’d be happy living in rompers only, and this one works perfect as a swim suit cover-up.
5. I haven’t worn a backpack since high school, but I’m in the market for one because it looks more comfortable for travel.
6. Sandals in my favorite colors that wouldn’t be a pain to take off for future TSA encounters.
7. I splurged on this travel case set and I’m beyond in love.  The quality, the COLOR, the fact that I won’t be packing toiletries and little knick knacks in plastic sandwich bags anymore…
8. I’ve needed a travel friendly water bottle for way too long now.  This is happening.

Liking any of these?  Also, are you into these kind of posts?  I always like seeing these lists to help me window shop and discover new things, so I’ll probably be sharing more like it.

Happy weekend, guys!  Hope you’re up to something good <3.

12 comments on “Travel Style”

  1. I LOVE your posts like this. I’ve found tons of things from your Friday finds lists. It’s almost like you’re sifting through the internet FOR me. Even if I’m not totally in the market for the specific link you post, the websites you browse are usually awesome. So please do more!

  2. Wow! Thank you for today’s great finds! The travel case is soo cute! I’ve been looking to find the perfect gifts for my bridemaids, and I’m so glad i found it in today’s post! this is great! i’m really loving the backpack tho! ^^

    thanks again for sharing and love your blog! XOXO

    1. Omg they would make amaaaazing bridesmaids gifts! I may have to steal your idea when that time comes for me :) Thanks, Nye!

  3. I actually super-duper love posts like this! It’s always really interesting to get a glimpse into other people’s style (and really oddly affirming when you see things you like there, and you think “yes, we do have good taste don’t we?”)

    1. I know what you mean! And yes, it’s the discovery aspect that makes blogging in general so interesting.

  4. Great list!

    Thank you for sharing! Clean, elegant and quality – very inspiring for a Saturday morning’s read.

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