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Shop: Black for the Home

black for the home

One half of my favorite color combo, you knew that. I LOVE black for the home, so I’m happy to see it getting a lot of extra stage time in interiors lately. I fantasize about going bold with a black sofa, or a black bed, or a black wall, but I still love it maybe the most in small details and decor accents. See if you’d like to add any of these things to your home for chic and modern accessorizing.

1. Napkins– Cute and simple graphic design.
2. Bowl– A sexy home for fruit.
3. Plant stand– Minimal design with a small footprint.
4. Kubus bowl– This one is very high on my wishlist.
5. Small bowl/a>- A very pretty catchall from a store with an admirable purpose.
Rug– Eyeing this one for the entryway.
7. Basket– For storage or line it with a bag to use as an office waste bin.
8. Soap dispenser– I use this everyday and it’s delightfully gorgeous.
9. Faceted vase– I like to pair the small one with the previous soap pump in the bathroom. I shared a shot of that here.
10. Spoonless container– Meant for the kitchen but looks awesome on any shelf.
11. Flatware– Matte black flatware needs to happen.

6 comments on “Shop: Black for the Home”

  1. I was brave and we have a black bathroom, so glam, and a black wall in our living room. Still love them three years later. Somehow fresh and crisp but moody too. Definitely recommend just going for it. Just realised we painted our cottage black too with white trim. Bit more of a black wall fan than I realised.

    1. Looove the sound of all of that. A black cottage sounds so chic! Black walls are high on my list of things to try with our future home. I’ll remember your encouragement for when I get to take that jump!

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