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Grid Lines

I haven’t done one of these posts just talking about a design or trend in a whiiiiiiile and I kinda miss them, so here we are!  It’s interesting for me to see where inspiration can come from, and when I catch on to a color scheme, pattern, fabric, or even a piece of furniture, it can spark ideas or push me to incorporate it into my own style in some way.

Grid patterns are hardly a new thing, and because the design is so simple and graphic, it’s never going away.  Recently I’ve been noticing the pattern a lot in fashion, and it made me want to take a look at how it can dress the home.  It’s definitely a popular pattern in Scandinavian and minimal designs (LOVE both styles), but especially a black and white color palette essentially means it can go anywhere (LOVE both colors).

grid wall

grid lines pillow

tile gridlines

shibori grid pillowI’m obsessed with this shibori grid pillow and how it fits in so well with a more traditional living room.  Really I’d love to just have this entire room.  That continuity with the grid wainscoting though daaaaaang.

grid tea towels

grid wallpaper

grid boxA box hasn’t excited me this much in a long time, and I’m really into boxes.

iron mesh moodboardIron mesh organizer/moodboard… Love this for a work space, and so cute to have to hang things up with clothespins., amiright?

I gotta do something with a grid pattern.  The urge to create is strong on this one.  Are you feeling it?  Is this your jam?  Got a favorite one of the bunch here?


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5 comments on “Grid Lines”

  1. Love. I like the whole setup of the desk/office space a lot. I love the kitchen too. I feel like it looks subway tile-esque with a much easier implementation. I’d love to see how you do this. Think you’d use a paint sharpie or something?

    1. I was thinking the same about it being reminiscent of subway tile! Sharpie paint pen is always fun. I’m also thinking tape will work really well for getting those straight lines ;)

  2. Amazing! Unbelievable how many grid designs we can find everywhere. What if we change one colour? Maybe combinations like black-red or white-blue could be great too? Anyway, black and white is always perfect everywhere, you are right. Thanks for sharing!

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