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Friday Finds

This weekend we’re headed for our first adventure of summer, and it’s going to be HOT.  We’re taking an RV to Zion with our friends and hiking the national park.  It’s going to be 93 degrees.  Omg.  Then we’re going to do one night in Vegas.  It’s going to be 113 degrees there.  OMG.  In other words, my comfort zone will be severely tested and I’ll be melting, but also making some fun and sweaty memories.  Stay cool this weekend, and make sure to spend lots of time away from your devices, after checking out these links of course!

Happy weekend <3


I found my dream home.  Look at that view!!

This is the most beautiful baking blog ever.

A pretty and very easy DIY bathtub tray.

This kitchen before & after is so stunning and makes the most out of a small space.

The dreamiest Scandinavian apartment.

Tips for organizing open shelves.

Actually helpful life tips from a life coach.

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  1. I live right by Zion!! It is my favorite place on earth and you will love it. Luckily it’s a tad cooler up there. More in the 80s 😬 Still not terribly comfortable but the dry heat is much easier for hiking than the humid heat! Can NOT wait to see your photos!!

  2. Oh Zion is so gorgeous! You’ll love it! Those gel filled neckerchiefs are a life saver in the heat when you’re hiking. You soak them in water and they stay cool for hours. Most of the ones I’ve seen look dorky, but I bet there are plain black ones or something. Have a blast!

  3. We’re visiting from the UK for a wedding in August and visiting Zion and Vegas. Can’t wait but the temperatures are terrifying me! I’m so glad to have happened upon your post and the words of wisdom in your comments!! *rushes off to Google gel-filled neckerchiefs* Hope you’re having a brilliant weekend. Sue ~ The World of Suzy Homemaker

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